How do I use this site?

To start, go to the index page and type the content you wish to publish in the  textbox. This can be HTML under the text tab or formatted text using the WYSIWYG editor.

Below this are four options:

Check the captcha to show you are not a robot, press “Submit Ur Page” and your webpages has been created. Copy the address at the top of the window to view it anytime and share it.

And what can I do with it?

Create promote/landing pages, wiki, bookmarks, blogs, anything else you want.

My link has a space in it! Can I still use it on PasteFor.Me?

Yes, replace each space with %20

How do I edit my paste?

You cannot edit the webpage that you already made, we still work on this option; you have just to create another webpage.

Can I set a custom URL?

No, a unique id is set by default and the title that you put as slug.

What is the maximum length of text I can submit per paste?

Currently this is set to 250,000 characters.

Is there a limit to how much I can submit?


Anonymous by default

We offer high level of privacy for both writers and readers. You don’t have to create account to publish something. There’s no advertising on entire page and we are not using any social media scripts. You can be sure that information about your activity on the site won’t be used by advertising or social media companies.

Easy to use text editor with text formatting feature

Just paste text from another web page or a word processor. The text formatting and images will be preserved.

Pictures and videos

You can easily add images to your notes by dropping them on selected area or you can paste images directly from the clipboard into the editor. Embed videos using the html code.

Code highlighting

Want to show your application code? Set note content type to “Source code”, and your code will be colored appropriately. You can also use [code][/code] tags.